Hacklin sells its port operations in Pori, Finland


Media Release

Oy Hacklin Ltd has on 4th of July signed a contract to sell its port operations in the port of Pori to Olmar Management B.V and Stichting Depositary PGGM Infrastructure Funds who will establish a new Finnish company in Pori. By signing the contract Oy Hacklin Ltd sells its shares in Oy Hacklin Port Service Ltd, Oy Tahkoluoto Cargo Handling Ltd and Oy Mäntyluoto Terminals Ltd. At the same time all warehouses and office facilities used by Hacklin Group in the port of Pori have been sold to the same buyer.

The contract signed by Oy Hacklin Ltd is a part of a larger acquisition. Port of Pori Ltd has simultaneously signed a contract on 4th of July 2022 to sell its crane operations in Pori to the same buyer. The transfer of the activities in Pori to the Buyers will be completed by the end of August 2022.

The new strong port operator indicates that their intention is to invest on a long term in developing the port operations and the logistic activities in the port of Pori.

Hacklin is a familyowned company and the port operation in the port of Pori has been a part of Hacklin Group´s activities since the company was established back in 1908. The contract that has been signed is a big change for the family-owned company, but the owners of Hacklin are convinced that the port operation in the port of Pori has a bright future. Port operations require big investments, and the financially strong buyer has the strength to raise funds to make investments to support the growth.

Hacklin Group´s other logistics companies, Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd (Helsinki), Oy Hacklin Hamiko Ltd (Hamina), Oy Hacklin Bulk Boys Ltd (Hamina & Kotka), Hacklin China Ltd (Hong Kong & Shanghai) are not included in the transaction, and they continue their activities as before. These companies employ 70 people and have all been very successful in recent years. Hacklin Group will, during the coming years focus, further develop and seek growth in the international logistics operations.

Olmar was purposely created to (co-)own & operate strategic logistics assets in long term partnerships serving the commodities industry. Examples are port terminals, barges, rail, vessels and pipelines. The strategic aim of Olmar is to build and invest in a platform of high-quality maritime logistics assets with a low risk profile, generating stable returns for its investors. Olmar was founded by its two managing partners Olivier van Noort and Martijn Snijder, both having a track record of over 20 years successfully managing and developing logistics assets, supply chain solutions and structuring organisations. Together with Olmar’s key investor PGGM it has a perpetual investment horizon. www.olmar.nl

PGGM is a not-for-profit cooperative pension fund service provider. On March 31st 2022, PGGM managed long-term pension capital of EUR 273 billion worldwide. www.pggm.nl