Hacklin China 10 years

11.11.2022 was a special day for Hacklin. Hacklin team gathered to celebrate the 10 year’s anniversary of Hacklin China.

Establishment of Hacklin China

More than 10 years ago, the board of directors and Owners of Hacklin shared the vision that it could be beneficial for the company to operate with its own brand and personnel in China. Evaluation of possibilities to establish an own subsidiary began that time.

Establishment of Hacklin’s own company in China was quite a significant process. Hacklin’s management team had to go through numerous scenarios and possibilities to prosper on the highly competitive Chinese market.

Focus on projects

Hacklin relied on support on a firm strategy with the aim to succeed. For the Hacklin team, it was quite clear from the beginning, that projects would be the main focus. Many of Hacklin’s key customers planned on increasing their production in China and building their own workshops in the country. For that reason, they strongly recommended that Hacklin establish its own company in China. Strong customer commitment was a good start for the subsidiary establishment.

Hacklin as a brand was unknown for the Chinese customers. The team had to introduce Hacklin to customers in China by visiting the local decision makers and letting them know more about the company’s possibilities and strengths.

Mr. Eric Wang – a leading person of the new business unit

Mr. Eric Wang, who has vast experience in project logistics and strong project leadership skills, took the role of the chief representant of Hacklin China. Eric became familiar with the Hacklin team during previous logistics projects where he showed his skills in handling complex project cargo transportations.

In his new role, Eric found a smooth and efficient way to communicate with Hacklin Logistics in Finland. He has coordinated shipments from China or import volumes into China from Finland with a sense of detail orientation and professionalism. Hacklin team is very grateful to Eric for his hard work and contribution.

Further team growth

In 2018 Lading Yin joined Hacklin China team and Joyce Chen came on board in 2021. Today Hacklin Finland would like to thank Lading and Joyce for their hard work, contribution and their great teamwork.

Growth bases on wise strategy and hard work

The past years have been a steady growth for Hacklin China. The growth does not come without a wise strategy, hard work and good co-operation with customers, peers in China and Finland, with partners around the world and with management and subcontractors.

Hacklin team is confident, that there are many more decades of celebrations and wish for the whole team of Hacklin China a bright and prosperous future.