Pulp equipment to South America

Origin: Northern Europe
Destination: South America
Time of delivery: Spring 2023
Volume: 2 x 85 ton + 11 cll break bulk + 40SOC + 20SOC
Total volume: 28 cll / 338050 kg / 685,20 m3

Hacklin Logistics has years of experience in shipping oversized heavy equipment worldwide. We have a consistent record of transporting processing equipment for pulp and paper industry sector.

During Q2 of 2023 Hacklin Logistics arranged delivery of pulp production equipment to South America. The cargo was loaded on board of a charter vessel at the port of Sundsvall, Sweden and shipped towards its final destination. Transporting of the equipment components required detailed planning, coordination and expertise. Customer prepared the equipment for transport by disassembling it into manageable sections before shipping.

The single break bulk unit pictured below has gross weight of 85000 kg and dimensions 1290x240x240cm.