LNG storage tank from China to Turkey

Origin: China
Destination: Turkey
Time of shipment: May 2022
Volume: 1 pc / 1174x880x1060 cm / 205,38 ton

Hacklin Logistics works with a number of customers across different industries and geographies. Our project logistics team focuses on delivery of oversized extra-heavy cargo with complex transport requirements. We move project cargo worldwide keeping in mind security, safety and environmental protection.

Hacklin Logistics has extensive experience in energy sector logistics assisting global companies to import and export energy equipment worldwide. We support success of each unique project by providing tailored transportation solutions.

During May 2022 we arranged delivery of LNG storage tank with a unit weight 205,38 ton and dimensions of 1174x880x1060 cm. As a result of detailed timing and close cooperation between Hacklin Logistics’ project team, the client and all subcontractors in the supply chain, this unique cargo was successfully delivered from China to the final delivery point in Turkey.