Caustic Scrubber from Finland to the USA

Origin: Finland
Destination: USA
Time of shipment: July – August 2022
Volume: 74,910 cbm / 79300 kg

Caustic scrubbing is a technology that has been used for the removal of H2S and other acid species from gases in different industries. Wet and dry scrubbers are used extensively in the chemical process industries for separation and purification of gas streams, product recovery, and pollution control.

Hacklin Logistics’ project forwarding team professionally supports specific logistics needs of companies which act at petrochemical and energy sectors. We have been engaged in providing safe transportation solutions for delivery of devices related to various energy and petrochemical projects. Our project logistics specialists team has extensive market knowledge which enable us to offer flexible logistics solutions.

During July and August 2022, Hacklin Logistics arranged delivery of caustic scrubber from Finland to Houston, USA. The device had total gross weight of 79300 kg and volume 74,910 cbm. The shipment was dispatched by a part-charter vessel from Finnish port of Rauma heading the USA. The cargo was successfully delivered to Houston in time as requested.